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5 Reasons Why Engagement Sessions are Important


So, you’re engaged?!? Congratulations!!! Whether you knew about it or it was completely a surprise, this has to be an exciting time for both of you! Ok, so let’s just pretend the proposal was a surprise. After you’ve alerted everyone, shared your engagement story over and over, and alerted social media (we can’t forget social media), the real work begins. This all important day where you profess your love for one another in front of your dearest family and friends takes some planning. Fast forward a few weeks or months and you’ve determined a wedding date, selected a venue, and maybe have even hired a wedding planner. Next on your list may be interviewing and hiring a photographer. Once you meet with your photographer and make the commitment with him or her, you’ve hopefully added one valuable event to your photography package – The Engagement Session.

Now, before we dig into the details, one of the questions that I receive often is “when should we take photos?” And that’s a great question! I usually recommend taking them six months to one year before the wedding date.  If you wait until you are too close to the wedding date, you may become pressed for time when trying to find the best date with your photographer, thus creating unnecessary stress. Also, if you will be using your photos for your save-the-date announcements or in other creative ways, you will need to allow yourself time for your session, editing time for the photographer, and design and delivery of your materials. When my couples have taken photos too early, they came up with fresh ideas months later and wanted to take photos again, which caused them to incur a session fee they would have otherwise avoided. Couples that waited until too close to the wedding date found themselves in a time crunch and the session never happened. Now, the naysayers may say that the engagement session is unnecessary. I’ve even heard of it being referred to as boastful and that the time can be used for something else. I would love to share with you 5 reasons why engagement photos are important.

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1- You’re Able To Get To Know Your Photographer 
The engagement session is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your photographer before the wedding day. Let’s face it, on the wedding day there are so many things that happen – hopefully all good of course. Having a relationship with your photographer after having taken engagement photos, will allow you a level of comfort and trust since he or she will be the one wedding professional that is around you for the entire wedding day. In addition to the relationship, it becomes a win-win for both you and the photographer because you will receive images that you can use for your save-the-dates, wedding website, or wedding day display. Your photographer also gets to see how you and your fiancé interact with one another, and can better direct you two into natural, flattering, and authentic poses. While these sessions typically have a time-limit, you aren’t pressed to make the perfect shots happen in a short amount of time like you are on the wedding day.
5 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos_07335 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_01785 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_0171

2- You’re Able To Become Comfortable In Front Of The Camera
Spending 90 minutes (or however long you and your photographer have agreed upon) in front of their camera is the key to preventing stiff and uncomfortable looking photos. The days of the 80s “Stand here, be still and smile” poses are over. No offense to the 80s, we love you! The number one question that I am asked when a couple starts their session is “Okay, what do you want us to do?” This let’s me know they may be a little nervous of the unexpected. I get it, how often do we take professional photos, right? Probably not often since selfies don’t count, so it’s natural to have a feeling of uncertainty in the beginning. When I begin an engagement session, I let the couple know a few things up front about what to expect in order make them relax, and while it may take a few minutes to get into the swing of things, we always get to the point where their true personalities come alive! On occasion, the groom-to-be is not as thrilled as his future bride is to be spending a portion of his morning or afternoon openly showing his affection. So this time to connect on a more personal level can really save valuable time on the wedding day. Consider your wedding photography as an investment in a lifetime of memories. Your ability to relive those moments from the wedding day is most likely what you expect from your photographer and that’s understandable, so ensuring you are comfortable in front of the camera will add value to your experience in the long run. Trust me!

5 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos_0714rockville-maryland-engagement-photos_06315 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos_07355 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos_0731

3- Your Session Can Serve As A Hair and Make-Up Trial
When a bride is selecting the wedding professionals that are going to make her even more beautiful on her wedding day, she is not going to go into this agreement blindly. Most brides have a hair and/or make-up trial scheduled prior to the wedding to ensure they have the perfect look on their wedding day. Combining this trial with the engagement session is the perfect opportunity to see how you are going to look on camera on the wedding day (minus the gown). Not only does it serve as a trial, but typically brides that come to their session with professional make-up application feel great about how it is all coming together and have a better understanding of what adjustments, if any, need to be made for the wedding day. Women that typically wear little to no make-up daily may feel overwhelmed about the finished look from a professional make-up artist, but when they see their images it’s almost always a decision they were happy about.

5 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos_07085 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_01725 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_01735 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_0174

4- Your Session May Be Complimentary
Many wedding photographers include the engagement session in their wedding packaging because as I mentioned previously, we want to get to know you better and understand how you two operate as a couple. Some wedding photographers offer this session as an add-on to the experience. Either way, it’s worth the investment. As photographers, we want to understand if you’re shy, very outgoing, conservative, or funny so that we can best bring out YOU while having you do things that you enjoy! While engagement sessions require a bit of work to plan and prepare for, it’s meant to be a fun, care-free time with you and your sweetie! This is also an opportunity for us to build trust. On the wedding day, there may be many opinions about which family photos you should or should not take, and that’s a personal decision between you and your fiancé. However, the engagement session gets that conversation started, so that on the wedding day, the potential delays and awkward conversations are avoided as much as humanly possible. Can you discuss these details with your photographer outside of the engagement session, absolutely! However, your photographer can usually offer an expert opinion about how much timing is needed to fulfill your desires and this time can be used to talk openly and face-to-face about these things.

If by chance you’ve won a complimentary engagement session at a bridal show, for example, I would still recommend you taking your wedding photographer up on their offer for a session. A few reasons to do this is because it’s usually included in the cost of the wedding package, and since it is complimentary, the price of the wedding package may not change if you decide not to use it. Also, each photographer has their own style and way of giving direction. So the session that you won from a photographer may be completely different from the one your actual photographer offers.

5 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_01795 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos_07245 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_01875 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_0176

5- You’re Able To Get Creative Photos
How often do you get to do something that you really enjoy with your fiancé where there is a professional photographer there documenting the moment? I say that jokingly but there’s also some truth to it. Your session should be focused on what makes you two click! Think of that first date that you two went on, or things you love to do together, or the special moment when your fiancé proposed, or maybe even the location where you met. There are so many things that you can incorporate into your engagement session to make it fun and unique! Later this week, you will learn creative ways and recommendations on how to use your photos before or during your wedding!
5 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_01805 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_01885 reasons why engagement sessions are important-terri-baskin_01825 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos_0727

I hope these tips were helpful for you! There’s more great information coming your way from a group of dynamic wedding photographers. This collaborative series started from a desire that each of us has to educate and inspire brides-to-be. We’ve noticed that often times the information that is available to brides rarely comes from photographers and we want to assist in not only capturing the special moments that make up your love story, but also ensuring that you have the most memorable day possible. Make sure you check out the rest of the Blog Series: The Engagement Session to learn other great ideas on preparing for your session! Links will be posted daily!

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Charlene Geffrard

This was such a great read, and this is def. a article for all clients to read if they are newly engaged.

Kelli Clark

Beautiful pictures and great blog post! Besides the actual exchanging of vows, the photographs are by far my top priority. I “shopped around” for a photographer longer than I looked for my venue! As nervous as I am about the engagement session, I am really excited to have pictures of my fiance and I that will display our love and personal style. Like you mentioned, it will be great practice before the wedding. We are planning a NYE2016 wedding but currently plan to take our engagement pictures the first weekend in April–do you think it matters that the pictures will look “spring-like” but the ceremony will be in the dead of winter? Any suggestions on how to capture the feel of our NYE nuptials in April?

Terri Baskin Photography

Great question!!! I love when couples take photos in different seasons than their actual wedding because you will then have different “looks” to your professional photos for your home or personal use!!! Great question!!!

Rita Olds

Good information.


This was so helpful! I plan to basically have two engagement sessions. My wedding will be in Atlanta, but my fiance and I are both students in Richmond, VA and will not be able to take our pictures in Atlanta in enough time for our save the dates. So we are currently looking for a photographer in the VA area. I am really excited for us to take pictures as the few pictures we have are us looking so silly! lol.


Love love love everything about this blog post! Very informative and detailed. Looking forward to the upcoming post this week! You ladies rock..#girlpower

Ebonie Williams

First of all beautiful photos! I’m definitely in the market for a photographer for my wedding and engagement photos. I’m not typically the type to take a lot of photos but this is such an important event, that I really want to make sure it’s well documented. Thanks for the advice you’re really talented!

Imani Finn

I love all of you ladies!! Just here showing support! 😀

Ashley Hopgood

This was very informative because I was unsure about the time span for engagement photos. I look forward to reading more this week. #bridetobe❤️

Kimberly Webb-Gibson

Just dropping by to show support. Awesome and information tips for recently engaged couples to go ahead a book that engagement session.


Although I’m not a bride-to-be I thoroughly enjoyed this!!!!!!! Thank you for the knowledge!!!!!

Candice Carroll Fleming

Loved the blog post and I know this new series is going to be amazing! Best wishes!

Monica N

Did you mean to write this article for Ken and I? Because it felt like it was directed straight at us! 🙂 I agree that engagement photo sessions are important and pivotal before the wedding. Your gallery photos really supported your five major points. SO. MUCH. Inspiration! Anyways, looking forward to working with you! We’re so excited!

Terri Baskin Photography

OMG, you and Ken are going to have so many great ideas when we shoot your session!!! 🙂

Terri Baskin Photography

Thank you for joining us!! Stay tuned all week!! 🙂

Terri Baskin Photography

Awesome!!! Thank you for checking it out Charlene!!! 🙂

Terri Baskin Photography

Thank you for visiting and reading the blog!! 🙂

Terri Baskin Photography

This is such a fun and exciting way to get new images and prep for the wedding day!!! Trust me!!

Terri Baskin Photography

You are amazing!! Thank you for reading the blog!!!

Terri Baskin Photography

That’s perfectly fine!!! Thank you so much for joining us!!!

Lauren Tele Kendall

This was so helpful! I plan to basically have two engagement sessions. My wedding will be in Atlanta, but my fiance and I are both students in Richmond, VA and will not be able to take our pictures in Atlanta in enough time for our save the dates. So we are currently looking for a photographer in the VA area. I am really excited for us to take pictures as the few pictures we have are us looking so silly! lol.

Keyana Chamere

Thank you for these tips… they are right on time and right in line. So many people have advised me against engagement photos but I agree with you that they serve so many different purposes. And then to be able to use them at the wedding??! Loving the #withthisring series for sure.


Great article!!!! I don’t think most brides think about a lot of these key reasons, until they are presented in front of you; honestly I am
More excited about my session now then I was before, I booked it initially because I knew it’s what you’re “supposed” to do as a bride! But this article and the info my photographer gave me, brings it all together!!!


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Can I just say I love this series you ladies are doing?!? I really hope this won’t be it! I would love to hear all of your thoughts on wedding days tips as well!

Iris Mannings

Omg! Charo!!!! I have this crazy feeling your engagement session is going to be ridiculously amazing!!!!!!

Jomaire Crawford

I just got engaged a week ago so I’m bookmarking this for my first sit-down with my best friends (and bridesmaids to be!). Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. #BoothToBe #KissingBooth2k16 #FutureMrs #BlackLove #ISaidYes

Jomaire Crawford

Hi Terri! I just got engaged a week ago so I’m bookmarking this for my first sit-down with my best friends (and bridesmaids to be!). Plus this gives me I have a sound justification when my fiance asks why an engagement shoot is a worthwhile investment. Boom! 🙂 #BoothToBe #KissingBooth2k16 #FutureMrs #BlackLove #ISaidYes

Terri Baskin Photography

Congratulations Jomaire!!! This should be a really exciting time and I hope we’ve provided some helpful content for just one aspect of your wedding experience!!!

Jamila Johnson

Awesome post. My fiancé & I are super camera shy. Our engagement shoot allowed us to relax. We were able to bond with our photographer which resulted in great photos!

Shantina Woods

I love this post especially because I’m a planner I love doing things way in advance so it really made me feel or should I say eased the feeling of me jumping the gun about searching for photographers and wanting to have my engagement photos done this coming summer all though are date is set for 9/2/17. So again thank you for the encouragement of setting things in motion early so that one is not feeling rushed and encouraging for us to become comfortable and gain a rapport with the photographer we decide on

Natalie Herard

So glad iris manning referring me to this post. All of this information is definitely helpful. Some I just didn’t even think about! Thank you for sharing! These engagement photos are amazingly beautiful, u can see the love between each couple and it looks so natural. Hope mine turn out just as perfect!


My husband and I used the same photographer for our engagement session as we did for our wedding. It was essential, as we got more comfortable with the photographer and in front of the camera. The pictures kept getting better and better the more relaxed we got. Thanks for sharing!

Angus Matheson

These are simply gorgeous pictures.

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