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Fun Shots with Britney Jeanine | Virginia Photographer

Ok, I have a confession!  Whenever a photographer asks me to take their photos, I get extremely nervous….like butterflies on the first day of school, like getting on stage in front of a bunch of strangers, like….well you get the point!  I think I bring this on myself.  I mean obviously they have seen mt work, but they may also recognize the mistakes if I were to make any.  They understand the exposure triangle –  f-stop, shutter speed and ISO.  Our conversations can sometime be more technical versus everyday conversation, but that’s cool, because they get me! I love that during these sessions were are able to bounce ideas off of each other, learn and grow!

I recently completed some headshots for my photographer friend Natarsha as she prepared to re-launch her website and update her brand.  For her re-brand she worked with our other friend Britney Jeanine, who I’ve know via social media for about a year but had just met in person recently!  After Natarsha’s session Britney asked me about taking some photos.  I was excited but nervous because both of these ladies are outstanding photographers and while I was flattered they chose me, I hope I could live up to their expectations.

I met Britney at her house on Sunday and her hubby and daughter hung out with us for her session. Because her brand is so specific in color- Plum and Lime Yellow…oh and I can’t forget that she likes to “Party in Color”!!!! I was excited when she said she found a wall with the same Lime Yellow color that matches her brand!  Who cares that it was a little bit of a drive, us photographers tend to do what we need to do to get the shot!!! Here are a bunch of my favorite images from her session!

Oh and before I forget, my allergies were kicking my butt all during the session but when I got ready to leave Britney handed my a gift bag full of my favorite items- Oreos, Tostitos, and Dentyne Ice!!! I was so excited that I left my favorite sunglasses in her car!  lol

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Tamesha Bendaw

These images truly capture the essence of Britney. That photo of her flocking across the street is totally something she would do.

Asha Brewer

Very nice there homie!! My faves are the one with the arm up, and the one with your criss-cross applesauce legs. Awesome pics!

Kyra Marshall Walker


F a c e b o o k