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If you’ve ever been in a room where Mary Marantz or Katelyn James were giving a talk then you automatically walked away a changed person.  These two dynamic women have a special calling on their lives that moves the masses to think differently about their businesses and attempt to see past what seems seems like the popular thing to do in the photography industry. Their talks are infectious and they are just good people to their core so it’s only natural that they’ve created a following of creatives in this industry.  I have had a chance to learn from both of them multiple times and each time I am in their presence, I remember why it was that I picked up the camera- to tell my clients’ love story the best way that I know how….not the best way that I think someone else does it!justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0130justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0136Deciding on where to invest money yearly in my photography education is not something that I do randomly.  There are so many people out here trying to offer education with little or no value and I’ve experienced it first hand.  On the upside, I have gained something both personally and professionally from every workshop or conference that I’ve attended and Justin & Mary always pique my interest when they announce an offering!!!  When these two announced they were coming to DC for The Event, I knew this was something different but I wasn’t quite sure what it was so I checked it out.  The Event was a full day line-up of industry leaders pouring their hearts out on stage about everything from authentic posing, marketing, legal and dealing with comparison in the industry. This day was jammed packed with information, encouragement and networking and I am so glad I attended. I felt like I received so many mini-workshops wrapped up into one big workshop and although some of the content was familiar, it was a great refresher to have to start the new year.justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0129

I have notes upon notes upon notes and some of my key take aways were:

“There is a thin line between inspiration and overwhelm.”– Ashley Scobey

“The “Unhealthy Yes” buys temporary peace at the expense of long-term strain.”– Abby Grace

“No matter how ordinary you feel, there’s a client out there looking for exactly what makes you different.” -Jen Olmstead

These three quotes helped me to understand why I felt a sense of burnout at the end of 2015 and how I need to apply steps to avoid it in 2016.  It’s easy to get caught up in what others are doing and while I originally used it as inspiration, I realized that focuses too hard on others in my industry was taking away from what makes me different and my approach to story telling.  It became a constant battle of “Am I good enough” instead of “I am doing just fine with what I have and where I am”.  I now recognize that and will no longer let it distract me from my goals.  2016 is a year of living with ‘No Fear’ and putting my heart and soul into everything I do!  This will be my best year yet!!!

justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0131Topics and speakers at “Justin and Mary Present- The Event” were:
Mary Marantz– “The Core of Authentic Posing”

Natalie Franke Photography– “The Next Generation of Cutting Edge Marketing”

Abby Grace Photography– “The Gentle No”

Jen Olmstead– “Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Boring Brands”

Elle Danielle– “Law 101 for Photographers”

Ashley Scobey-“A Workflow that Will Give You Your Life Back”

Katelyn James– “Micro Changes that Lead to Macro Results”

Jenna Kutcher– “Creating Your Own Definition of Success”

Hope Taylor– “The Fast Track Business: How to Jumpstart a Thriving Business in One Year”

Justin Marantz– “The Bascis of Rocking Your Flash”

justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0132justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0133justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0137justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0138justin and mary the event-photos-terri-baskin_0139

Photo Booth images courtesy of The Burlap Booth.



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