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Watermarks on My Soul | Kathleen Mapson

Remember this series?  Well, it’s back! I’ve realized how much joy I get when I can show my gratitude for others and with the crazy things happening in this world, I am making it a habit to tell people who are important to me how thankful that I am to have them in my life in one way or another. In the world of me, me, me, selfies and social media self promotion where every day is either amazing or horrible, it’s okay to just take a step back and say “what can I do for someone else today?”.

Today’s “Watermarks on My Soul” post is dedicated to my sweet friend and fabulous Atlanta-based Interior Designer- Kathleen Mapson of Kathleen Mapson & Co.

I met Kathleen when I attended North Carolina A&T State University for my undergraduate degree and while I can’t remember the exact moment that we met, I remember many great times with this girl!  She became my hairstylist when my college budget was too tight to make it to the hair salon and one of my confidants when we shared our interest in the same sorority! Her talent showed itself way back then with her attention to detail…even with hair products!  We ultimately joined the same sorority and although I considered her my sister well before then, we’ll forever be connected thru our bond of Delta Sigma Theta.

I’ve always admired Kathleen’s tenacity and dedication to achieving her goals and I would be remiss if I didn’t refer to her by her official title- Dr. Kathleen Mapson!

Kathleen re-launched her fine art and interior design company (Kathleen Mapson & Co- Fine Art & Interior Design) this year and she reached out to me for branding advice since I had recently finished a re-brand for my business.  I was humbled that she thought to run her ideas by me and I was excited at what she was preparing to do with her business. Kathleen asked me to take her headshots for her new brand and after a few missed attempts, we finally made it happen.  I was able to visit her and her family in Atlanta earlier this year and the best feeling about our time together is that it seemed like it had only been a few days that we hadn’t seen each other when in reality it had actually been a few years. I am so excited to see where her business takes her because her talent is beyond amazing!  I wish she lived closer so she could redesign every room in my house, but since she does virtual room design I know I’m in great hands!

Kathleen, my prayer for you is that your business takes off in such a way that you, your husband and family can live out your wildest dreams!  I am honored to know you and your big personality will win you many friends in this life! You are an inspiration to me and I want everyone that I know to know you!  Thanks for helping me redesign my office space and as soon as wedding season slows down, I’ll get it completed…I promise!


L~ F~:~F
Lacoya H.

WAHOO! Love me some Kathleen and I am so grateful that you connected the both us us! Like you mentioned, I feel like I have known her for SUCH a long time – but I am sure that is simply that instant bond we feel when we come into contact with one of our Delta sisters. I love you, Kathleen! SO much good stuff in store for you and your family! XO


This was written with such love! Beautiful photos of Princess Doctor KDHM!



Thank you so much for this feature. You know it is absolutely one of my favorites! Thank you for everything!

Lacoya and Lisa – thank you for your support! It means the world to me

With Love,

F a c e b o o k