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Wedding Photography: 5 Questions for your photographer

When deciding on a wedding photographer there are several questions that you may have and the wedding websites often have questions for you to ask your potential photographer.  There have been times when I have been asked questions from a potential bride based on what a website told her to ask, and I love to answer any questions the couple may have, but also during the client consultation, I am trying to find out as much information as I can as well.  So, I dedicate this post to 5 important questions to ask your photographer and 5 important questions to answer for your photographer:

Questions to Ask:

1- Do  you have backup equipment?  This question basically let’s you know what the photographer has as a Plan B in case he/she experiences equipment malfunction.  You want to ensure that the photographer has another body (main part of the camera) or other lenses to use if their planned equipment fails.

2- May I view a complete collection? I recently had a friend tell me that a work on a photographer’s website didn’t match what he actually delivered. A website is a snip-it of work, so to get a true feel of a photographer’s style, ask to view a complete wedding from start to finish to ensure your comfort in what they will deliver.

3- Do you have a 2nd photographer? With the fast pace flow of a wedding, I think it’s extremely important to at least consider a package that includes a second photographer.  This will ensure that your memories are captured from different points of view and it allows for one photographer to follow the bride and one to follow the groom.

4- What are the delivery options for my photos?  If you are working with a photographer that gives you all of the photos after your big day, find out how you will receive them.  If you prefer a DVD, but the photographer only offers digital downloads you need to know that.  I deliver the format that my clients prefer as well as creating a custom website for the couple to share with their friends and family.

5- Are you able to shoot in low light conditions?  Many churches do not allow flash during the ceremony due to the religious nature of the ceremony and to prevent distractions with a contact flash firing.  Make sure your photographer has equipment to be able to take clear pictures in these conditions.  If you need to make notes of the equipment they use and look it up later, then do so!

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