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Weekend Wrap-Up| Virginia Wedding Photographer

All the talk of last weekend was about the date of peak bloom for the D.C. Cherry Blossoms because it’s one of the most anticipated events of the year as it is every year and as always they did not disappoint.  One of my amazing couples wanted to take their engagement photos during peak bloom and every photographer in the D.C. area knows the chaos that ensues when trying to navigate traffic and photos during peak bloom.  Last year was my first year shooting an engagement session during peak bloom so that was my initiation into the crowds of people that were awake and waiting around the Tidal Basin before sunrise. This year, the way my schedule and my couple’s scheduled worked out, we missed the peak bloom but still made our session happen in enough time to catch the blooms before they disappeared.

While we’re talking about the Cherry Blossoms, a note to self is to plan for an extra hour of being stuck in traffic during peak bloom! As much as I know and plan for traffic into and around D.C. on the weekend, this is even crazier!

Speaking of peak bloom, I love seeing all of the different trees around my neighborhood start to bloom, unfortunately I don’t know the name of most of the trees, so my adventures on Google have been interesting.  One recent search was “What’s the Name of the Tree with the Carnation Flowers”.  I have yet to find the answer!

At any rate, I hope this week is a pleasant one for you and that the weather is kind.  Here is a favorite shot from Jon and Emily’s engagement session.  More of these two coming to the blog soon!



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