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Hopeless romantic. Believer in love. Understands that  everyone is unique and their story is their own. Behind the camera, I am looking for the timeless moments, a glance, a smile, a tear...yes, cue the tears! These are the things that drive my passion for weddings. This is why I love getting to know my clients, because this is your one special day together that happens quickly but creates a lifetime of memories! I am Terri and I tell authentic love stories!
As your photographer, it is my job to allow you to enjoy the process, guide you through the best possible photography experience, and ensure the images I produce live up to your expectations! Want a glimpse of what it means to be a TBP Bride? Check out The Wedding Experience page to get an idea of the journey and see how your love story is told through my lens!

Authentic story teller...

Meet the face behind the lens

Sometimes our childhood memories are so STRONG,
they shape who we become

the legacy

Growing up, I witnessed the love of my mother and father, and I have always known what it feels like to be loved. Today, I document love stories in a way that allows couples to be their authentic selves. I want to tell a love story - your story. Each time you look at your wedding images, I want you to be reminded that on this particular day, and at this particular moment in time - this is where you were, who you were, and what you were doing. 

We grow, we age, and we change. It's inevitable. However, when you look at a photo that I've taken, I want it to be a timeless reminder of how you looked and felt at that specific time in your life.

He gave me my first camera to document life through my young eyes, and I enjoyed every opportunity to do just that. I became known as the friend with the camera! Years later, He taught me how to anticipate moments, and he was the first to train me when I found my way back to the camera in 2010...

I call him Dad!

My "Why"

I am a curator of timeless, romantic, and fun love stories!

Telling YOUR story means getting to know you on a personal level.
It means hearing how you met, fell in love, and plans for your future celebration.

You will not regret having Terri as part of your wedding day team


from the clients


I have photographed weddings in Paris, Mexico, Jamaica, ITALY, St. Lucia, New Orleans, NORTH CAROLINA, arizona, TEXAS, NEW JERSEY, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


I have been photographing weddings since 2012, and portraits and couples since 2009.


I've found my love of candles and you can usually catch me burning one in the evenings.


I am a huge fan of audiobooks on Audible! My faves are business books and non-fiction. My recent faves are The Five Second Rule, Ego is the Enemy and the Slight Edge.

my favorites

I believe my clients deserve my full attention not only on their wedding day, but up until their day. If you have questions regarding your wedding photography or vendor recommendations, I am here for you.

I believe your wedding photos should be a collection of editorial, documentary, and classic moments that tell a story of your day. Traditional photos are what make the parents happy, but I will also capture the stylish, candid, and fun portraits from your day.

I believe that your wedding day should be your dream day coming to life, and that your love should shine through for all of your friends and family to see. My goal is to capture that authentic love and emotion between you and your new spouse.

I believe your photos should withstand the test of time, and that your children's children should be able to look back at your wedding memories and feel like they were present on your day. Because of this, I tend to document and edit photos in a way that showcases clean edits, romantic embraces, and fun moments- but so stylishly done that the images should belong in a magazine!

I believe all of the planning that you've put into your wedding should be documented, so for this reason I ask clients to allow ample time for their wedding day photos. Whether it’s the wedding rings, the invitation suite, or uninterrupted reception space, being able to look back at those memories can generate the feeling of excitement that this day actually came true!

My Philosophy


I believe that your wedding day should be your dream day coming to life, and that your love should shine through for all of your friends and family to see. My goal is to capture that authentic love and emotion between you and your new spouse.


Are we a good fit?

You see the trends and love them, but you aren't defined by them. You understand that a marriage is more than a wedding. You want the memories from your wedding day to be a constant reminder of the love that was felt by your invited guests, the tears that were shed by your family during the ceremony, the laughs that were shared on the dance floor, and the portraits of your groom holding you immediately after you said "I Do". If this is you, I would love to meet you and discuss your wedding day vision! 

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