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I help photographers create raving fans of their businesses by using a 5-Step approach to creating an impeccable client experience.

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I started my photography career photographing weddings almost a decade ago. In that time, I have developed a style of photography that has allowed me to attract my dream clients. Since 2015, I have been educating other photographers and creative entrepreneurs through conferences, workshops and one-on-one mentoring. 

Hey friend, I'm Terri and I'm here to help you build your referral-based business and knock out any roadblocks in your way!

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Improve your client experience to attract more ideal clients.

I help photographers who are ready to...

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Want to create winning images for your clients and the entire wedding team.

Have more consistent leads and client bookings.

Attract clients who are excited to work with you prior to booking you!

Improve your client experience to attract more ideal clients.

Invest in your education in order to excel in the area of wedding photography.

Learn the ways that I have CREATED a referral-based business and have BUILT a clientele I'm excited to work with each year. I love that the techniques I use in my business can help any creative entrepreneur grow. 

Whether you decide a 1:1 Focus Intensive Coaching Day is the right path for you or you decide to dive into my courses and resources, here's what you can expect to find:

What you'll learn


Learn how I create images that make it appealing for wedding features and wedding magazines while also EXCITING my clients and vendors partners.


Is lighting your weddings, couples or receptions your struggle? Learn my approach to lighting on a wedding day and my go-to steps on each wedding day.


What students are sayin'

Candice Wright, Photographer

""Terri, Terri, Terri!!!! Thank you!!!! You don't know how much this has helped me! You have a gift girl and more people need to hear you! Thank you for not only being a friend, but also for helping me with growing my business since relocating to a new state! Thank you!" 

Abbey Domond, Photographer

"Thank you for sharing your talents with us, Terri! I've taken so many pointers on ways to better manage my business and client experience. Also, I have really put thought into my "Frosting" and how I can stand out in a crowded photography market."

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Hey sweet friend! Everyone has to start somewhere in their business. Whether you are just getting started or you feel like there is something that you've seen me share that you would love to learn more about, I am happy to provide hourly one-on-one mentoring for Creatives. I've made mistakes on this journey and I've learned from them, so I want to help prevent you from making those same mistakes. Let's connect to see how I can help!

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