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Teaching Others | Showit United Styled Shoot

blog-headerDuring my second year of business I stumbled upon a photographer named Jasmine Star.  I loved the way she told her stories, stared her knowledge and photographed her images, especially her details.  I’ve always been drawn to details because outside of the natural emotion that a couple shares with one another, their story falls in their details.  For anyone that’s paid attention to the way I blog my weddings, they’ll notice that I tend to show this part of the day on every post.  I learned that Jasmine’s website was hosted by a company called Showit.  When I checked them out I realized they had exactly what I was looking for, the ability to completely customize a website to what I wanted and the ability to do it fairly easily without knowing tons of code.  I have designed websites for myself and others and it became so time consuming to get things exactly how I wanted them, so finding Showit was exactly what I needed!

Annually Showit hosts a conference called United. I attended in 2014 and decided that I wanted to attend again this year.  What I like about this conference is that it is my peers sharing their knowledge.  Egos are checked at the door and the love is genuine from everyone that I’ve met!

This year I decided to do something different.  I decided I was going to put myself out there and volunteer to lead a styled shoot.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself in to but I knew my heart for why I wanted to do it and a pressed forward with completing my application.  When the application asked why did I want to lead a shoot my reply was something along the lines of …..I’ve been in many Facebook groups where photographers desire diversity in their portfolio but they aren’t sure how to approach getting diverse clients or when photographers do get those diverse clients they aren’t sure how to properly edit their skin, so I want to help people with that.  I have a very diverse portfolio of clients.  I’m not sure how it became that way, but I love it.  I love that any race of clients can see themselves in my work! So long story short, I talked to the Showit crew regarding my vision for the shoot, the type of couple I wanted to use and the design of the shoot and it happened!!!!  I was so nervous leading up to the shoot, but it was amazing and I met some cool photographers from all over the country and I was able to answer their questions before, during and after the shoot!!  Here are some of my favorites of newlyweds Ryan and Brittany from their time modeling during the “Natural Lighting for All Skin Tones” shoot during Showit United’s Conference back in November!



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Omari Souza

I love this, your set ups are super clean.

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