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I started a brief series back in April 2014 called “Watermarks on My Soul”.  The purpose was to publicly thank people that have contributed to where I am in photography.  While I am by no means where I want to be, I couldn’t have gotten this far without people pouring knowledge into me, sharing “secrets”, inviting me to weddings and shoots and just being a listening ear and sounding board.  I had people in mind when I did the series and thought that I was finished until recently.  The series was very well received and I’ve since realized that I haven’t stopped making friends and connections within the industry, therefore my ability to thank these individuals through my blog shouldn’t stop! So, periodically, you’ll see “Watermarks on My Soul” posts and for me that’s okay and I hope it’s okay with you as well!  I also want you to virtually meet some of the awesome people that I know!

Watermarks on My Soul: Ike and Tash Photography + Motion


Gosh, I’m not quite sure where to begin.  I met Ike (Isaiah Haynes) and Tash (Latasha Haynes) in June of 2013 when they came to Richmond, VA and hosted a Mentorship Overhaul Workshop.  I started following them earlier that year when they released their brand video (watch here) and I instantly fell in love with them and their daughter, Wisdom!  Meeting them in person was like an OMG! moment, but then I quickly realized they are so normal and so down to earth and not caught up in the Rockstar photographer status that so many people chase after.  They were willing to share their knowledge, secrets and mistakes they’ve made along the way.  From there, I knew that I wanted to support their dreams regardless of whether or not they realized it.  I wanted to lift them in prayer and be their vocal and silent cheerleader.  I have people that do it for me, so it only makes sense that I do it for others!

When they announced they were having a photography conference, I was all over it! In late 2013, I attended their inaugural Blink! Conference in Nashville, TN. I met many friends that I am in touch with til this day, I learned so much more about the business of photography and I saw them pour their hearts into “their conference baby”.  I am excited to attend Blink! again this year and see how much progress they’ve made.

So, why did I decide to post this today?  Recently, I was having a pretty rough day and I’ve really been trying to figure out life- my photography, my career, my brand, etc.  I love my clients and my heart goes into each couple that I meet, but yet I find myself still being pulled into different directions that aren’t “couple centric” and while I am humbled when someone asks me for photos, I recognize that I am not focusing on “The Why” behind what I’m doing when I am all over the place.  I came home that day and checked the mail and by checking the mail I mean, opening the mailbox and pulling out mail that looks interesting and leaving the junk mail in there!  I’m sure my mail lady curses me every time she opens my box, but I digress.  In my “interesting” mail pile was an envelope from Ike and Tash- specifically Tash because that’s not Ike’s style, lol.  And it was a personal note and wrist band quoting the saying “Her Success is Not My Failure” line that I’ve been seeing on Instagram (@terribaskin, shameless plug) recently.  After reading her message thanking me for my support, I cried, I re-read it and it all made sense!  This life is about “Community Over Competition”!  I have never and will never feel the need to put another person down in order to feel successful!  It’s not worth it!  I saw a quote recently that said “If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together”!  How powerful is that?!?!  So with that, if you don’t follow Ike & Tash- go check them out and if you ever feel like what you do goes unnoticed, you’d be surprised!  Press on anyway!!!  Tash, Ike and Wisdom- I love you guys!!!! See you soon!


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Candice Carroll Fleming

Beautiful….they are the best!

Iris Mannings

Awwww!! Awesome post!!! Love it!!! I will never forget when you inbox me giving me so much advice on a question that I posted on a group. You have never met me but you still felt the need to reach out! I will never forget that! Thank you so much!!! <3

Latasha Eaddy Haynes

I just came BACK to this!!! I love this so much and I am so thankful to and for you!!! Love you girl!

Her Success Is Not My Failure..... ever. | Ike and Tash : Tacoma Senior & Wedding Photograher

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kelleejean Lounsbery

thanks, i would love a bracelet very inspirational

Terri Baskin Photography

Hi Kelleejean!! You can email for a bracelet or t-shirt! You can tell them I sent you! Have a great day!

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