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I help photographers create raving fans of their businesses by elevating and operating a profitable business they love!

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focus intensive PROGRAM

A 4-month group mastermind experience with a focus of helping photographers overcome roadblocks, run a profitable business they love while networking with an intimate community of like-minded professionals.

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I started my photography career photographing weddings almost a decade ago. In that time, I have developed a style of photography that has allowed me to attract my dream clients. Since 2015, I have been educating other photographers and creative entrepreneurs through conferences, workshops and one-on-one mentoring. 

Hey friend, I'm Terri and I'm here to help you build your referral-based business and knock out any roadblocks in your way!

Meet your Educator

Improve their client experience to attract more ideal clients.

I help photographers who are ready to...

I'm here for you

Create winning images for their clients and the entire wedding team.

Have more consistent leads and client bookings.

Attract clients who are excited to work with you prior to booking you!

Price themselves according to the true value of their work.

Invest in their education in order to excel in the area of high-end wedding photography.

The best results from this program will require action on your part. This isn't a program where you simply "copy and paste" what everyone else does. We'll learn more about your business, your goals, and your roadblocks, so that we can craft a strategy for success. Let's get better together!

What's Included




This is a 4-month program, which will consist of eight (8) 90-minute group coaching calls let by Terri Baskin. There will also be guests joining based on their area of expertise.

There will be open office hours on off weeks where you can receive support via our Slack channel with the group and one-on-one Voxer messages that come directly to Terri.

focus intensive group program

You'll have opportunities via a hot seat to receive live coaching strategy during our calls. This is an idea way to walk through what's been working and what needs additional action. 

is to help photographers create raving fans of their businesses by elevating and operating a profitable business they love!

my misson

Learn the ways that I have CREATED a referral-based business and have BUILT a clientele I'm excited to work with each year. I love that the techniques I use in my business can help any creative entrepreneur grow. 

Whether you decide the Focus Intensive Coaching Program is the right path for you or you decide to dive into my other resources, here's what you can expect to find:

What you'll learn


Learn how I create images that make it appealing for wedding features and wedding magazines while also EXCITING my clients and vendors partners.


Is lighting your weddings, couples or receptions your struggle? Learn my approach to lighting on a wedding day and my go-to steps on each wedding day.


What students are sayin'

Candice Wright, Photographer

""Terri, Terri, Terri!!!! Thank you!!!! You don't know how much this has helped me! You have a gift girl and more people need to hear you! Thank you for not only being a friend, but also for helping me with growing my business since relocating to a new state! Thank you!" 

Abbey Domond, Photographer

"Thank you for sharing your talents with us, Terri! I've taken so many pointers on ways to better manage my business and client experience. Also, I have really put thought into my "Frosting" and how I can stand out in a crowded photography market."

Interested in taking the next step with a Focus Intensive Group Coaching, feel free to reach out for next steps! I cannot wait to work with you! Apply today or e-mail me with any questions!


have questions?

E-mail: tbaskin@terribaskin.com

apply today

apply today

Heck Yes! There is time allotted for Q&A during each call. Also, we will have a Voxer and Slack channel available for communication and I'm always available by e-mail.

will my questions get answered during the PROGRAM?

While this program is virtual, there will be opportunities to shadow me at real events if an Focus Intensive mentee desires to do so!

Will i get hands-on experience?

In my personal experience, a photographer should get as much experience as possible before deciding to take on wedding clients. I've been through so many wedding scenarios that I can help other photographers with prior to them encountering similar situations. I want you to feel prepared for this industry. 

What if I don't have experience with weddings?

My desire to help photographers is more important than simply collecting a payment. I want to help a limited number of photographers who are serious about addressing their pain points and implementing systems and solutions to overcome them. 


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