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Dec 26, 2017

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After pulling up at Chris’ car at Malia’s parents house, Jennifer and Travis were briefly introduced before heading off to dinner. They decided to go to the Olive Garden for dinner followed by a movie. Comically, most of dinner consisted of Travis and Chris arguing about whether or not Texas is the best state (Chris, a Texan, has a lot of Texas pride) and Jennifer giving Malia a lot of awkward looks over bites of breadsticks and pasta.

Things didn’t get a lot better from there. Chris was driving with Malia in the passenger seat, so Travis and Jennifer were alone in the back. However, Chris loved Bon Jovi and played their music at what seemed like the loudest possible level, so, Travis and Jennifer couldn’t hear much of anything and abandoned trying to converse.

The pair of couples then went to see Phone Booth, which, was forgettable (in Jennifer’s opinion) and provided yet another opportunity for Travis and Jennifer to sit next to each other, awkwardly, in silence. Finally, the movie ended and Malia and Chris suggested they all go back to Malia’s parent’s house to hang out. Fast forward through more Bon Jovi and then finally, Travis and Jennifer were able to chat.

Trying to turn the evening around, Travis brought up music and it turned out we both HATED Bon Jovi and also loved Nelly’s latest album, Country Grammar. Travis also seemed very impressed by my professed love of video games (which was a test) and soon we suddenly realized we had a lot more in common than we ever would have thought.

After that night, Travis asked Malia for my home phone number and the rest is history.

For the wedding, Jenn DIY’d the gold painted planes for place settings, custom DC shaped menu, calligraphed, embossed names on vellum for tables for each seat, calligraphed place cards in the shape of luggage tags , DMV maps cut into little flags for drink stirrers, custom table numbers that were custom designed postcards of cities where Jenn & Travis had traveled.

Their wedding was also featured in the Winter/Spring issue of Washingtonian Bride & Groom Magazine!





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