What Do Wedding Photography Packages Include?


Mar 19, 2021

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When researching a photographer for your wedding, it’s important to understand what’s included in the package. Even more importantly, as the client it’s important to know what you would like to receive from your wedding photographer. Here are 2 common conversations I have with client’s who are researching wedding photographers

In this age of social media, many couples want to be able to post their images on their favorite apps. Ask your potential photographer if you will receive the digital images in the package. Some photographers include low-resolution images for social media, some include high-resolution images for social media and printing and some photographers offer print credits to use to purchase images for social media or printing. Understanding what you’re paying for will save you from any misunderstandings after the wedding day.

Are you looking to have engagement photos taken? Many photographers include engagement photos in their collections as a way to get to know the client prior to the wedding. However, some photographers offer a la carte engagement sessions. I think it’s important to take engagement photos, if possible, with the photographer who you are hiring for your wedding to ensure you all have a connection before the big day!

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