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Watermarks on my Soul: Day 8 – The Champions | Virginia Photographer


  1. Joy Af Champion says:

    Tears! Literally, tears!!! I’m SOooooo honored to have been a positive influence on your career… You are truly OUTSTANDING…as a person and as a photographer!!!! I remember another time when you were just getting started and came over to my previous house to take some pics. Gene still has one of the pics that you took of me on the deck on his desk now. I also still treasure the pics that you took of the kids. Your enterpreniual spirit, passion for what you do, and your continuous growth are extremely inspirational to me! I love to say, “Yeah, I know her!” I’ve always said that you’re a like a black Barbie doll with dimples…your beauty is external and internal. Thanks for thinking about us! You’ve captured memories that will last a lifetime, and our family looks forward to our annual shoots with you! Regarding the wedding pics, we’ll also be calling you to do three of those in about 30 years… 🙂

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