Adrian + Brittany: NYE Bellevue Conference & Event Center Wedding


Jan 1, 2020

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Adrian and Brittany bought in 2020 by celebrating their nuptials at the Bellevue Conference & Event Center with an amazing host of family and friends but before we get into their wedding photos, I’m flashing back to the story of how they met as told by Brittany:

“Adrian and I have been friends since 2006/2007. We met online and went out for ice cream right before I left for college. He lied to me about his age so I thought he was the same age as me but just attended a local college. It was my first year in college and we kept in touch via phone and AOL instant messenger (AIM) at the time. He was so funny to me and we always had great conversation. On Christmas break that year, I came home and we went to Fridays with a group of my friends and one of his. He seemed like a dweeb during that interaction so our communication faded away a bit. He ended up going to the military the end of 2008 and we would talk periodically, but I was living my college life and enjoying it and he was somewhere serving the world, and we eventually lost contact. Around 2012 Adrian found me on Instagram and we exchanged numbers and then eventually grabbed some food to just chat and catch up. We instantly became great friends again! During that time we both were in relationships and were just platonic friends. I introduced him to some of my friends and we went to barcode one day and one of my friends inquired about his age, and that’s when it was revealed that he was youunggggg!! I was flabbergasted! I couldn’t believe I was ever interested in this little boy lol. No wonder he was so funny to me, he was childish lol. Eventually both of us ended up single so we decided to dabble in a romantic relationship, because, well, those jokes won me over, and he’s kept a smile on my face ever since! On September 23, 2018 he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I couldn’t imagine life any other way!”

Photo: Terri Baskin Photography | Planning: B’Astonished Events | Florals: BCG Events | Draping: 27 Studios | DJ: DJ Oxygen | Make-Up: Taylor Simpson Artistry | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Gown: Lefty’s Bridal | Tuxedo: The Gentleman’s Closet | Hair: Amanda Lowe | Invitations: Wilori Lane

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